Последовательный порт UART в ТВ-боксах

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Log загрузки U-Boot

  [145]HELLO! BOOT0 is starting May 13 2020 14:10:04!
  [150]BOOT0 commit : 593cf83
  [153]set pll start
  [155]periph0 has been enabled
  [159]set pll end
  [160]unknow PMU
  [162]PMU: AXP806
  [169]vaild para:1  select dram para0
  [173]board init ok
  [178]the chip id is 0x5000
  [181]chip id check OK
  [183]DRAM_VCC set to 1500 mv
  [186]DRAM CLK =648 MHZ
  [188]DRAM Type =3 (3:DDR3,4:DDR4,7:LPDDR3,8:LPDDR4)
  [194]Actual DRAM SIZE =2048 M
  [197]DRAM SIZE =2048 MBytes, para1 = 30fb, para2 = 8000000, dram_tpr13 = 6041
  [210]DRAM simple test OK.
  [213]rtc standby flag is 0x0, super standby flag is 0x0
  [218]dram size =2048
  [220]*****dram handle ok****
  [223]key press :
  [226]card no is 2
  [227]sdcard 2 line count 8
  [230][mmc]: mmc driver ver 2019-12-19 10:41
  [234][mmc]: set f_max to 50M, set f_max_ddr to 50M
  [239][mmc]: mmc 2 bias 4
  [247][mmc]: ***Try MMC card 2***
  [263][mmc]: MMC 5.1
  [265][mmc]: HSDDR52/DDR50 8 bit
  [268][mmc]: 50000000 Hz
  [270][mmc]: 29820 MB
  [272][mmc]: ***SD/MMC 2 init OK!!!***
  [334]Loading boot-pkg Succeed(index=0).
  [338]Entry_name        = u-boot
  [348]Entry_name        = monitor
  [351]Entry_name        = dtbo
  [354]Entry_name        = dtb
  [358]tunning data addr:0x4a0003e8
  [361]Jump to second Boot.
  NOTICE:  BL3-1: v1.0(debug):9fecd83
  NOTICE:  BL3-1: Built : 17:08:29, 2020-05-28
  NOTICE:  BL3-1 commit: 8
  ERROR:   Error initializing runtime service tspd_fast
  NOTICE:  BL3-1: Preparing for EL3 exit to normal world
  NOTICE:  BL3-1: Next image address = 0x4a000000
  -OTICE:  BL3-1: Next image spsr = 0x1d3
  U-Boot 2018.05-g9a3fd43-dirty (Jun 30 2020 - 09:15:18 +0800) Allwinner Technology
  [00.438]CPU:   Allwinner Family
  [00.441]Model: sun50iw9
  I2C:   ready
  [00.445]DRAM:  2 GiB
  [00.448]Relocation Offset is: 75ec5000
  [00.489]secure enable bit: 0
  [00.491]pmu_axp152_probe pmic_bus_read fail
  [00.495]PMU: AXP806
  [00.500]CPU=1008 MHz,PLL6=600 Mhz,AHB=200 Mhz,APB1=100Mhz  MBus=400Mhz
  [00.663]sunxi overlay merged okqv
  [00.695]__clk_enable: clk is null.
  [00.701]drv_disp_init finish
  [00.704]gic: sec monitor mode
  [00.733]flash init start
  [00.736]workmode = 0,storage type = 2
  [00.739]MMC:     2
  [00.740]get mem for descripter OK !
  [00.749]get sdc2 sdc_boot0_sup_1v8 fail.
  [00.754]io is 1.8V
  [00.778]already at HSSDR52_SDR25 mode
  [00.782]sunxi flash init ok
  [00.785]Loading Environment from SUNXI_FLASH... OK
  [00.794]usb burn from boot
  delay time 0
  [00.807]usb prepare ok
  [01.614]do_burn_from_boot usb : no usb exist
  FAT: Misaligned buffer address (bbe80d58)
  32 bytes read in 4 ms (7.8 KiB/s)
  2764856 bytes read in 17 ms (155.1 MiB/s)
  [01.788]hsddr 2-50000000
  [01.790]hs200 5-200000000
  [01.792]hs400 3-100000000
  [01.794]get max-frequency ok 50000000 Hz
  [01.798]0 0 0: 0 0 0
  [01.803]update dts
  ** Unrecognized filesystem type **
  [01.811]load file(ULI/factory/rootwait init.txt) error.
  ** Unrecognized filesystem type **
  [01.822]load file(ULI/factory/snum.txt) error.
  [01.826]name in map mac
  ** Unrecognized filesystem type **
  [01.835]load file(ULI/factory/wifi_mac.txt) error.
  ** Unrecognized filesystem type **
  [01.846]load file(ULI/factory/bt_mac.txt) error.
  ** Unrecognized filesystem type **
  [01.856]load file(ULI/factory/selinux.txt) error.
  ** Unrecognized filesystem type **
  [01.866]load file(ULI/factory/specialstr.txt) error.
  [01.871]name in map hx_flag
  [01.883]update part info
  [01.900]update bootcmd
  [01.902]No ethernet found.
  Hit any key to stop autoboot:  0