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Regulations of the UEFA European Football Championship 2012


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XV   Financial Provisions
Article 26
Referee costs
For all matches in the competition, the host association bears the costs of board, lodging of the referee, assistant referees and fourth official, as well as their transport costs within its territory of the host association. The international travel expenses and daily allowances of these officials are borne by UEFA.
A. Qualifying competition
In principle, the host association retains its revenue and bears all organisational costs (including any and all taxes, duties and levies).
The visiting association bears its own travel, board and lodging costs, unless the associations concerned agree otherwise. Where appropriate, the provisions of paragraph 10.06 apply.
Levies paid by the associations
UEFA does not impose levies on qualifying matches. However, any levies due to FIFA have to be accounted for in accordance with the FIFA Statutes and/or FIFA regulations.
Host associations
The financial provisions, including the settlement of organisational costs, are defined in the contract between UEFA and the host associations.
Participating associations
The following provisions act as a guideline and detailed information on financial matters for the final tournament will be communicated to the participating associations at a later date.
UEFA opens a tournament account in euros (EUR) for each participating association. Amounts are credited and debited from this account as follows: Credited: Debited: Fixed participation contribution Purchase tickets and performance bonus Travel costs (see 26.08 a-c) Additional services On completion of the final tournament, the participating associations receive the balance of their account.
The following costs are covered by UEFA:

  • a)International travel expenses of the 16 participating delegations return ticket by air-conditioned bus, rail (first-class or sleeper) or air (economy class) for a maximum of 40 persons per delegation. A lump sum to cover travel expenses is credited to the participating associations based on existing published full fare economy tariffs of the national home carrier. The fare is calculated from the participating associations main airport to the international airport nearest to the teams headquarters in Poland or Ukraine.

  • b)For group matches, local ground transport is provided to the 16 participating delegations within the territory of the host countries for a maximum of 40 persons. Any additional transport must be arranged and paid for by the associations.

  • c)A lump sum of ? 40000 per match is credited to the participating associations for each match-related transfer requiring a flight from the team base camp to the match venue.

  • d)A levy of 1% of the gross receipts from ticket sales as a share for FIFA.
  • 26.09
    No daily allowances are paid to the participating associations as these are already covered by the fixed participation contribution.
    The costs of board and lodging of the delegations are borne by the 16 participating associations.
    The UEFA administration takes a decision regarding any dispute concerning the settlement of accounts in relation to the 16 participating associations. Its decision is final.
    All participating associations are credited with the total share due to them within six months of the end of the final tournament. A first instalment will be paid during the tournament, by the end of June 2012 at the latest.
    The amounts paid by UEFA are gross amounts. As such, they cover any and all taxes, levies and charges.
    The UEFA Executive Committee decides on the amount and distribution scheme of the fixed participation contribution and the performance bonus generated by the exploitation of commercial rights.
    Article 27
    Ticketing system
    The entire ticketing system for the final tournament, including quota, production, prices, distribution and sales, is drawn up by UEFA.
    The ticket allocation agreements and tickets terms and conditions are binding.
    Complimentary tickets
    Existing lists of persons entitled to complimentary tickets for domestic matches played in the various stadiums are not valid. For the final tournament, a number of complimentary tickets is agreed upon by UEFA.
    Ticket quota of participating associations
    Each association taking part in the final tournament is entitled to purchase tickets for its matches. UEFA determines the number of tickets. Safety and security factors, including the possible segregation of fans within the ground, may be taken into account when the tickets are allocated.
    A number of complimentary tickets are provided to each participating association. The number of tickets is determined by the UEFA administration and communicated in due time.
    Accounting for purchase tickets
    Purchase tickets are not paid for by the participating associations in advance of the final tournament. In the final tournament accounts, the cost of purchased tickets is deducted from each participating associations account.

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