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Футбольные регламенты и правила

Regulations of the UEFA European Football Championship 2012


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XVIII   Intellectual Property Rights
Article 30
UEFA is the exclusive owner of all intellectual property rights of the competition, including any current or future rights in all audio and visual (with or without audio) material of the final competition, UEFA’s names, logos, brands, music, medals, plaques and trophies. Any use of the aforementioned rights requires the prior written approval of UEFA, and must comply with any conditions imposed by UEFA.
All rights to the fixture list, as well as any data and statistics collected by UEFA (including databases in which such data is stored) in relation to the matches of and players’ participation in the competition are the sole and exclusive property of UEFA. No tickets or accreditation may be used by anyone in order to gain access to a venue of the final tournament for the purposes of collecting or gathering such data, and such activities are expressly prohibited. The foregoing prohibition does not apply to the participating associations, subject to any and all such data collected being used solely for the purposes of instructing their team, players and officials and expressly excluding any other exploitation or use whatsoever.

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